Why live in Markham?

Markham is a part of the Greater Toronto Area and also Canada’s 16th largest city. Markham changed its status from town to city on 2012 and is the York region’s most populous municipality. About two-third’s of Markham’s population are visible minorities. More than half of Markham’s population is Chinese or South Asian by ancestry and the town is a popular choice with Chinese/Hong Kong immigrants.

Markham is a great city. It is safe, has good housing stock and is near tons of shopping. It’s not particularly cheap, although it’s cheaper than Toronto.

Markham is very suburban. It’s a personal choice. If you want to be close to downtown, but able to commute more easily, you might consider the Yonge and Eglinton area, or Leaside. Or downtown, somewhere close to the Don Valley Parkway (404), which is the main highway route from the city to Markham. When living in Markham you’ll most likely be driving or taking Go Transit to work.

Markham is very unique, as it is an eclectic city of old and new. The old neighbourhoods in the city are extremely picturesque and well worth wondering around. Such charming neighbourhoods that are made up of beautiful homes, great restaurants and fabulous boutiques.

Markham is home to high-quality healthcare services through the expanded Markham Stouffville Hospital and other medical facilities. Markham is going to be the city in York region to have a world class university. York University Markham campus will be opening its doors to thousands of students in the next few years.

Markham is a vibrant city with several cultural centers, recreational facilities, parks and heritage sights. However, for some reason it is often overlooked by tourists, even though there is plenty to see and do here. Too good Park is famous for its pond. The park is located in Unionville and is a great place for an afternoon stroll. There is a trail that encircles the pond, which is a popular hiking spot. The park also features rocky hills and lovely bridges, as well as some beautiful vegetation. There are also several other great parks within Markham.

Markham Village is another great community to walk around, especially along Main Street. This street is lined with historic homes that have been converted into local shops and restaurants.

Markham Museum is an open-air museum that tells the story of the city’s history and growth. It is made up of nearly 30 buildings, most of which are historic buildings that depict what life used to be like in the past. The museum also has lovely gardens that are great for enjoying a picnic on a warm spring or summer day.

Markham is home to a plethora of recreational and community centers, all of which offer various indoor activities. Most of them are located in the city’s most populated areas. One of the most interesting places to shop is the Village Market, which is a Chinese market with over 170-family-run stores. This is the place to go for anything made in China. Pacific mall is another Chinese mall, which was designed to resemble Pacific Place in Hong Kong.

There are a few fantastic theatres in Markham where you can spend an evening enjoying a show. Stand-up comedy, plays, dance theatre and musicals can all be seen.

In Markham around Thanksgiving, one must go to the Markham Fair. Not only is this one of the oldest county fairs in the country, but it is also Canada’s largest community-based volunteer organization. Apart from the Markham Fair, the Taste of Asia Festival is one of the city’s largest annual events. It is Canada’s largest Asian festival, attracting over 150,000 people each year.